Top 30 Moments: James Lowe Doing James Lowe Things

Michael O'Donnell
28 June 2019

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Ever since James Lowe burst onto the scene he has been lighting up the GuinnessPRO14 with his athletic displays across the field and cheeky charm both on and off it.

Lowe’s penchant for somehow finding his way to the try line when all physics and logic would seem to be against him has both dazzled and bemused. And in the 18/19 season, although limited through injury Lowe managed to add quite a few moments that showcased his natural ability.



In round 4 versus Edinburgh (above) and aided by a beautifully executed offload from teammate Jordan Larmour, Lowe backs himself to make the line in what is becoming somewhat of a trademark and highly effective fish leap to the line.


Against Munster (below) in round 6, Lowe found himself with a little more to do. Instinctively, and possibly more so due to the threat of the oncoming tackle, Lowe again leaps into the air showing imense athletic ability to then touch the ball down with one hand.



Lowes danger to defences across the competition comes with the uncertainty he relays. Will he come inside? Will he take on the line? He constantly carries in one hand, always leaving options to do either. And even when you think you have made that try-saving tackle, nope he’s somehow managed to wriggled and squirm his way to the elusive whitewash.


He’s also a character, a refreshing non-filtered professional sports star always with an honest word to the media and heaps of time for his adoring fans.



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