Top 30 Moments: Zebre Earn Their Stripes

Michael O'Donnell
22 June 2019

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13- 0 down in the first have on the back of a 3-game losing streak, it would be understandable if heads were to drop and implosion to ensue. However, giving up is not in the DNA of Zebre Rugby and through the marshalling of out-half Carlos Canna mounted a fightback to delight the home fans.



When opportunities arose in the game, Zebre took them. Some would say the luck of the bounce or a napping Edinburgh defence contributed to the home teams scores but you have to play what is in front you and Zebre did just that. Picking up a loose ball at the ruck, sending threatening kicks behind the opposing defence, seeing and hitting gaps, all moments that ensured that on this occasion Canna and his loyal troops would turn the tables and find victory over their Scottish counterparts.



Canna himself was instrumental during the game, clocking up 19 points in total including an intercepted try showcasing his vision and intelligence around the pitch. from the hands of

Considering Bill Mata, Duhan van der Merwe and Darcy Graham were just some of the big names in the Edinburgh ranks, this victory would taste all the more sweet to the Italians, a taste of what the men from Parma can do

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