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Gerald Davies pays tribute to Anthony Foley

Charlie Talbot-Smith

17 Oct 2016

As Chairman of PRO12 Rugby, I wish to offer my condolences to the family of Anthony Foley and to all of those at Munster Rugby and beyond who were touched by his tremendous character.

Anthony was a terrific rugby player combining skill, athleticism and commitment.

In addition to his physical qualities he was blessed with footballing intelligence and displayed overwhelming passion and strength of leadership in the red of Munster and the green of Ireland.

As ever with a Munster man, he embodied everything that we wish to see in our rugby players.

An icon of Munster, he inspired his fellow team-mates to achieve great feats. After he left the field of play he worked hard as a coach to inspire these qualities amongst his players to set the highest of standards.

Nobody could have asked for a greater leading man.

He embraced a spirit of the game that we all cherish so much. Sadly, the world of rugby will be emptier for his absence. It is a great loss for Munster, Ireland and the wider international rugby community.