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IN TOUCH: Cardiff Blues’ RaboDirect PRO12 Ambassador Ceri Sweeney

Guinness PRO12 Editor

9 Nov 2012

Cardiff Blues fly-half Ceri Sweeney has been in two World Cup squads and won 35 caps for Wales.

But the 32-year-old, born in Pontypridd, insists he still gets a buzz out of representing his home region despite the club’s disappointing run in the RaboDirect PRO12 of late.

Here he tells us his about his love for a roast ox-flavoured crisps and the electrical company he has been running for two years.

What are your nicknames?
A few of the lads like to call me ‘truck head’, because they think my head is a bit too big for my body. Dan Fish in particular, he’s a bit of a wind-up merchant.

If you weren't playing rugby what would you want to be?
I run my own electrical business called ‘Concept Fire and Electricals’ in partnership with Nick Kelly, a lad I used to play with at Pontypridd. It’s been going for a couple of years and something in place for when I retire from the game.

Who are your rugby heroes?
Neil Jenkins, obviously he’s another local Pontypridd boy and he epitomises the spirit of the Welsh region.

Who has been your best ever roommate?
I’ve had a couple, but Gareth Cooper stands out. He’s nice and quiet and doesn’t smell, which is always a bonus.

Who's your gym buddy?
There’s a group of us at the moment, Dan Fish and Lloyd Williams are regulars. I’m trying to bring them up to my level though!

Which rugby player would you least like to meet down a dark alley?
Jerry Collins probably, he’s just a bit nasty looking isn’t he?

What are your guilty 'diet' pleasures?
Crisps. Roast ox flavour at the moment. Not a small bag either, one of the big packs.

What are your hobbies outside rugby?
I like a bit of fly-fishing and shooting, mainly clay pigeons but also game. I get out quite a bit and it’s quite easy round here.

What newspaper do you read?
I tend not to read any newspapers, especially the sport. I never want to read what people are saying about my performance, they often get it wrong anyway, when you have a good game they say you’ve had a bad one and vice versa.

Who is your favourite rugby pundit?
Jonathan Davies is up there, he talks sense. He’s been at the top of the game and knows what he’s talking about, but he’s also quite positive and not negative.

Do you have any superstitions?
I always put my left boot on first, I’ve done it for the past 10-12 years. I always build up my kicking practice as the week goes on in readiness for the weekend’s game, that’s more routine though.