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What’s your RaboScore?

RaboDirect brings you the RaboScore, a unique online social media channel for fans of the RaboDirect PRO12, which provides you with the best, up-to-date content on the competition.

RaboScore uses social media curation to find the best new content, from every angle, in real-time to bring you closer the action. Go to the Live Stream during each match to get the latest updates, photos and insights from your fellow supporters.

As well as watching the action inside the stadium, on the television, listening to the radio or online, you can get involved in the match commentary by using #RaboPRO12 and interacting with your fellow RaboDirect PRO12 rugby fans.

RaboScore includes the exclusive #RaboPRO12 Leaderboard which ranks the twelve most passionate fans with the highest RaboScore in the competition. There is also a Top Clubs table that tracks the buzz around each team.

You can check yours and your team’s ranking to see how you stack up against other fans. Simply enter your Twitter username into the "Check Your Ranking" field. Send tweets with the #RaboPRO12 hashtag and your score will soon increase. Click here to find out about how it works and how you can increase your score.