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RaboDirect PRO12 Disciplinary Hearing

Guinness PRO12 Editor

4 Jan 2012


At a Disciplinary hearing in Dublin today, the citings against Matthew Rees and Rhodri Jones of the Scarlets were dismissed by an independent RaboDirect PRO12 disciplinary committee.

The committee, chaired by David Martin (Ireland) and also comprising Philip Orr and George Spotswood (both Ireland) heard the two players’ explanations of the incident in which Ryan Jones (Ospreys second row) was lifted from the ground during a tackle in the sixteenth minute of the match between Scarlets and the Ospreys on Boxing Day.

They also considered the video evidence together with statements from the tackled player and the referee and his two assistants and found that Ryan Jones had in fact been brought to ground safely as mandated by Law 10.4 (j) and emphasised by the IRB in its June 2009 directive.

Both players are able to continue playing.