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CHRISTMAS Q&A: Steven Lawrie

Guinness PRO12 Editor

23 Dec 2011

After two years south of the border with the Doncaster Knights, Steven Lawrie opted to return to boyhood club Edinburgh this summer and the 27-year-old is already making up for lost time.



The hooker certainly has a fight on his hands to gain playing time in the RaboDirect PRO12 with Ross Ford and Andrew Kelly also vying for the No.2 shirt but it is a challenge that Lawrie is relishing in 2012. 

1. What’s the strangest Christmas gift you’ve ever received? My brother in law once gave me a pair of pink slippers, I don’t know if he was having a laugh or something but that was certainly an odd one that I wasn’t expecting, not a great gift.

2. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? The best thing about Christmas has to be the big lunch, the food is great but especially now I’ve moved back up to Edinburgh the chance to be with all the family is brilliant.

3. Tell us your all-time favourite Christmas movie? It’s a Wonderful Life has to be the one for me. That’s just a classic for this time of year. It’s always on and is such a feel good movie that I will always pick that one. Jimmy Stewart is great and the moment you see it on the screen you know that Christmas has arrived.

4. What’s your favourite Christmas song? I'm sure everyone picks this one but you can’t go wrong with The Pogues. Fairytale of New York is just a brilliant song, especially in the pub, when that comes on you can’t help but have a sing-a-long.

5. What’s your worst-ever Christmas experience? Last year really sticks out for me as a bad one. We were stuck down in Doncaster because I was playing for the Knights while all my family were up in Scotland. Having said that two years ago we tried to drive up to Scotland from Doncaster and it took us nine hours to get home, that wasn’t a lot of fun either.

6. What’s your favourite Christmas decoration? We’ve got an old Santa that sits on top of the tree every year but that will never beat my auntie who for years has just had a bottle of Fairy Liquid that sits on top of her tree. They’ve stuck a pair of wings on it as well and it looks hilarious.

7. Which RaboDirect PRO12 player would you like to have as your secret Santa? My secret Santa pick would probably be my Edinburgh teammate Ben Cairns. He must get paid a lot because he’s always flashing the cash so I’d have to hope he got me something nice.

8. Which RaboDirect PRO12 player would you invite around for Christmas Day? If you’re looking for someone to help you out with the meal on Christmas day then look no further than Glasgow’s Michael Cusack. The man is a serious eater, there wouldn’t be any leftovers to worry about if he came round, and I know he won’t mind me saying that either!

9. If you were one of Santa’s reindeer, what would your name be? Probably ‘Boomer’. That’s been my nickname in the team for a while now because apparently I say the word ‘Boom’ a lot, I picked it up on a team activities week and it seems to have stuck.

10. What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve been given? I’d have to go back to my brother-in-law’s slippers, what was he thinking? I also got some Homer Simpson socks one year as well, that were pretty rubbish.

11. Which rugby player in the RaboDirect PRO12 would make the best Santa? My Edinburgh teammate Allan Jacobsen would be perfect. The man is always happy but he can be pretty scary as well, I think any kids that had been naughty would be found out pretty quickly if he was around to tell them off.

12. What’s been your highlight of 2011?From a personal point of view, just being able to come home to Edinburgh has been amazing. I had two years in the Championship which was a good experience but it’s not the same as playing for your boyhood club that you have always supported. Also our 48-47 win over Racing Metro in the Heineken Cup last month was an incredible game.