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Kellock accepts Scotland decision

Guinness PRO12 Editor

1 Apr 2011

Scotland and Glasgow captain Alastair Kellock accepts the decision by Andy Robinson to withdraw him and four others from Magners League rugby for the remainder of the season.

Kellock, Warriors team-mates Richie Gray and John Barclay, along with Edinburgh's Allan Jacobsen and Ross Ford, are all to be rested for the remainder of the season ahead of the World Cup in September.

Kellock and Barclay have been rested to unable them to get over a number of niggling injuries while the remaining players have been rested due to the amount of rugby they have played this season.

"It's a reflection on the season and the previous seasons they've had," said Robinson.

"Richie Gray has doubled his game time this year and he has performed at a higher level of match as well and performed outstandingly well.

"This is for his development for the World Cup, but also for future matches – it's looking ahead to two, three years time as well.

"Ford and Jacobsen have had high game time in the previous three years. They've played a lot of rugby and they've had high game time this year.

"We feel it's in the best interests for their development and for the Rugby World Cup that they are made unavailable for Edinburgh now."

Kellock accepts the difficult decision Robinson has made and he reckons it could have a silver-lining allowing other players to stake a claim for a place in the Scottish squad.

"It's tough on the club side but it's in our best interests," said Kellock.

"We'll be doing as much rugby as we can without actually taking to the park. I know I've got a couple of knocks that need a bit of time.

"It's an opportunity to make sure my hand is right and to make sure that I'm in good condition when I come in to the camp.

"It's slightly different for Richie and Allan and Ross because they are being rested due to the volume of rugby they have played, but John and I are looking to get ourselves into the best condition we can.

"It's one of the good things about playing in Scotland is that, medically, we are extremely well looked after, from the number of games we play to all the treatment we need.

"Andy has the ability to say that he feels we could do with not playing and the five of us making the best of it," added Kellock.

"Another way to look at it is the opportunity it gives some of the guys who have been playing during the Six Nations to carry on and make it hard for us to get back in when we do get back."